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How much does IT Support Cost? – and what level of service you will require

It’s almost impossible to find  out how much IT support should cost, so we’ve made it simple.

One of the first questions we get asked when meeting with a prospective client is how much does IT services cost. And the short answer is… it depends.

Typically, our ad-hoc IT support is £50/£100 per hour and our Managed IT Support prices are £75-£100 per year per device. But one size doesn’t fit all.

IT support costs vary depending on many factors. These include:  business environment business needs number of devices, servers and business size.

Therefore, the quickest and easiest way to find out how much IT support costs is by giving us a call. We can then discuss your specific requirements and provide you with a tailored quote for your business. 

Most IT support providers (including Netcomm) offer IT support in two primary pricing models. So when deciding how to address your IT needs, the first step is to understand the differences. 

Below we talk you through the different models, what support they include and the cost. We have also included a 3 step process to help you understand what IT Support your business may requires.

Complementary IT Support

(also known as pay-as-you-go or ad-hoc IT support)

As the name suggests, ad-hoc IT support gives you access to IT expertise as and when you need it – without any commitment. 

Ad-hoc IT support is perfect if you need help with one-off IT issues, IT support for in-house teams or if you are working within a smaller budget.

What does Ad-hoc IT Support typically include?

  • Emergency IT Support, fixing urgent IT issues and failures
  • Short-term cover for IT Departments, covering holidays, sickness
  • Advice on specific hardware and software
  • Consultation on larger projects and rollouts
  • Acting as a company IT help-desk
  • Support with security
  • Guidance on Cloud integration

How much does Ad-hoc IT Support typically cost?

Expect to pay anything between £50 and £100. We tailor our complementary IT support to suit your business and quote upfront on our hourly / project rates so there are no hidden charges. You will also be assured of the same high standard of professionalism and support. 

Managed IT Support

Managed IT Support is where a business outsources its IT infrastructure and management to a third-party company. In most cases Managed IT Services run on a subscription model with businesses paying a set amount per month. 

When we provide Managed IT Support we act as part of your team. We can cover every area of your IT from essential everyday maintenance to longer term strategic planning. Our responsibilities vary depending on the level of service you require and we take a proactive approach to your IT.

What does Managed IT Support typically include?

  • On-Site & Remote support of Business Servers, Cloud Environments,O365  Workstations, Laptops, Hardware, Software and Infrastructure
  • Security, including monitoring and incident response.
  • Support, Implementation and management of cloud services
  • Dedicated Microsoft/Office 365 provider, implementation and support
  • Supporting off-site / remote workers

At Netcomm this pro-active approach means that we implement the right solutions for your business, monitor and protect your systems, fix issues before they become problems and provide expert support whenever you need it.

How much does Managed IT Support typically cost?

Managed IT Support prices can vary depending on experience, number of users, location, service requirements but you can expect to pay £75-£100 per year per devices. Servers depending on type can vary from £500-£1000 typically

Most businesses prefer Managed IT Support as it is a predictable monthly fee and more cost-effective. Another major benefit is that we can react quicker if service disruption occurs as we are already familiar with your IT infrastructure and systems and any additional support which falls outside of the support contract is offered at a discounted rate usually 50%.

What IT Support does your business need?

When considering both models, please ensure costs aren’t the only factor. You also need to consider experience, accreditation and as this will pay off in the long term. 

Here are three simple steps to understand what IT Support you may need:

  1. Complete an IT audit. List and assess every IT asset on your network including active devices, number of users, daily workload and any servers. 
  2. Review the high risk issues. Are there any vulnerabilities or issues that need immediate attention?
  3. Plan for the future. Your IT support plans should also consider your future business goals.

If you are looking for a go-to IT Support Partner or want to learn more about our IT Services please give us a call on 01925 873 500 or contact us. 

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