Ecovyst Site Visit

Netcomm Systems Ltd are pleased to announce our latest new client, Ecovyst

Ecovyst is a Catalyst technology innovator serving the chemical and energy sector.

Ecovyst is a pure-play catalyst and services company. As catalysts for positive change, Ecovyst technologies play a critical role in supporting ecological health and propelling expansion and growth for their customers.

Ecovyst creates sustainable products that are safe for the environment, reduce waste and increase efficiencies. Such products contribute to lower emissions and cleaner air, advance the global transition to clean energy, support the circular plastics economy and ensure clean, purified drinking water.

Quicker response time required for IT support and local hardware supplier

Ecovyst’s UK headquarters are in Warrington, Cheshire, and they were originally supported by their IT department based in America. Due to the time zones for the US and the UK, the Warrington site required a quicker response for support and a local supplier for hardware to enable them to run more efficiently.

Ecovyst Warrington reached out to Netcomm to accomplish these tasks. Netcomm also tailored the support for regular floor walks for a show of presence for employees. They also had the freedom to approach us onsite with any required support that hadn’t been reported.

It’s of great pleasure to announce Ecovyst Warrington in choosing Netcomm to undertake their support as their primary IT contractor.

Chris Sumner, Director at Netcomm Systems, said: “It’s been an excellent year for Netcomm, capped off with undertaking support for Ecovyst’s UK site. This is another type of support level we can offer, with Netcomm being the extended arm of support for the UK. The Warrington site has already seen the benefits in the speed of response for support. The floor walks have worked out perfectly, enabling Netcomm to resolve issues that may not be reported through existing support channels.”

The team here at Netcomm are proud of our expertise and response times to client issues and the advice we can provide to growing businesses. If you would like to find out more about our IT Support and how we can help your business, please get in touch with us or call us on 01925 873 500

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