Ofcom’s regional office in Warrington required a full office floor refit which involved new structured cabling, cable management, new seating and desk arrangement (sit/stand desks) and break out areas. The whole floor was to be removed of all the original configuration then replaced with new. This was a project that had a requirement of no downtime due to Ofcom’s availability.

To undertake this, Netcomm were tasked with fitting out a short lease office space to accommodate the centres users. Desks were set out, cabled and then networked to form the initial internal network offline. The temporary office was then interlinked to Ofcom’s main office via a line of sight (LOS) antenna to allow communication through the Warrington office data and voip links.

Once both offices were interlinked, the process of moving the original desk configurations began out of hours which converted the temporary office to live.

The office refurbishment completed in two weeks so the process of reverting the systems needed to be tasked out of hours ready for the Monday morning to go live. This was a reverse of what was initially carried so it was a straight forward process since the Warrington office was already fitted and cable up.

This was a great experience for Netcomm to be part of a project with Ofcom, a move that simply couldn’t allow downtime during regular working hours. Obviously Ofcom have a duty to be there for the public and Netcomm are proud to have delivered such a service to provide that.

Netcomm continues to support Ofcom and have been selected as its IT Support Provider for the fifth year running, working alongside their Warrington offices.

If you are looking for IT Support in Warrington or across the UK we are here to help, please contact us to see how we can support your business.

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