IT Support for multiple sites or IT Service remote working

The Surface Finishing Equipment Group consists of 5 companies, 4 based in the UK plus a Middle East office based in Abu Dhabi. They offer a wide range of services including design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning, training and service. Their employees work across multiple sites and many are remote workers.

SFEG have been supported by Netcomm since our infancy when were founded back in 2010. Several years later due to the group’s growth, Netcomm upgraded the sites firewalls, routers and networks to provide secure site to site VPN’s to streamline operations in house. This project proved a great success with departments having remote functionality across the sites rather than waiting on tasks to be complete by other colleagues.

Netcomm have now been tasked to deliver in house Hyper V servers running virtualised servers and desktop sessions across the group. Due to in house databases and software, SFEG still have a requirement to operate locally on their network due to software vendors not moving to the cloud.

The virtualisation will deliver servers for AD / DNS / DHCP / SQL and some file / print sharing. More importantly the Hyper V’s will provide remote desktop sessions which can be utilised for remote working, especially from home.

This virtualisation project will be an advancement on the groups site to site infrastructure and better streamline the group as a whole future proofing remote working.

If you need IT Support for multiple sites or IT Service remote working, please get in touch. We can discuss how we can support and future-proof your business.

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